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Results for the week - Jan 25, 2015 to Jan 31, 2015

Sun Jan 25Mon Jan 26Tue Jan 27Wed Jan 28Thu Jan 29Fri Jan 30Sat Jan 31
8:00 PM
Mill Inn 
Bowhouse Bar 
8:00 PM
Auld Toll 
Bridge Inn 
8:00 PM
Wellington Bar 
El Pennies 
8:00 PM
Pennies B 
8:00 PM
Pennies Lounge 
8:00 PM
Quoit Bar 
Clachan Bar 
8:00 PM
Corner Pocket B 
Corner Pocket A 
8:00 PM
Railway Tavern 
Crown DLH 
8:00 PM
Haggs Tavern 
Ochilview A 
8:00 PM
Pennies A 
8:00 PM
Bowhouse Cup 2nd Semi Final 


Clachan Bar121011217944
Ochilview A12822187352
Quoit Bar12642167160
Corner Pocket A12633157159
Pennies A12525126762
Haggs Tavern12435116466
Railway Tavern12345105966
Crown DLH1241795871
Pennies Lounge1230965672
Corner Pocket B1221954779

Ochilview B10712156146
Donner Inn9703146145
Pennies B9702145633
Bowhouse Bar9505107461
Mill Inn9505104952
El Pennies932484848
Wellington Bar931674454
Bridge Inn1021755184
Auld Toll1002823768
Tam Bain0000000

News: league doubles
Posted by Scott Rae, Posted: 20 days ago

League doubles will be on sunday 8th february in Pennies Sports Bar - 1230 registration. Cost per double is £5 payable on the day. The venue will be open from 11am

News: Carronbridge Cup & Bowhouse Cup Tie Reversals
Posted by Scott Rae, Posted: Wed Oct 8, 2014

This affects both Ochilview teams in both Cups.  In the Carronbridge Cup Ochilview A will be away to Corner Pocket B.  In the Bowhouse Cup, Ochilview B will be away to Haggs Tavern

News: Pennies B
Posted by Scott Rae, Posted: Mon Sep 22, 2014

Pennies B will replace the Mariner Bar in the league.  After a second no show the Tam Bain have been withdrawn.
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Tue Jan 27, 8:00 PM
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Pennies Lounge  vs.  Carronbridge
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Tue Jan 27, 8:00 PM
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Railway Tavern
Team photo album for Railway Tavern
Updated Tue Sep 16, 2014

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